1010 Block Puzzle Game Mod Apk (all unlock) v68.21.5

1010 Block Puzzle Game Mod Apk (all unlock) Download

1010 Block Puzzle Game Mod Apk is a game of intellectual awesome Android by Game Studios Zynga which has another fascinating game we’ve seen it and been released. This fascinating game is a very exciting and interesting intellectual title in which you will deal with colored blocks. But the gameplay is not like tricycle wrist games and is much different. You have to pick different blocks that come in different shapes and colors in the game. By picking the colored blocks and filling each row and column, all the blocks will be destroyed and you will get the score. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

Name1010 Block Puzzle Game
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateNovember 10, 2022

Features of 1010 Block Puzzle Game:

  • Put the blocks together properly
  • Connect the shapes together
  • Various shapes with different colors
  • Steps without time limit
  • No need to match colors
  • Fun and intellectual gameplay
  • Amazing and convenient sound
  • Unique and beautiful graphics

As mentioned 1010 game! Block Puzzle Game is a game of intellectual awesome for Android that install and run it into the intellectual challenges are not very good. You will put all kinds of colored blocks with different shapes in the game. You should note that no part of the columns or rows should be left blank. Because then you will not be able to destroy the blocks. By completing the rows and columns, you will destroy the colored blocks regardless of their color, and you will continue the game by earning points. The game has a variety of themes and offers you fun gameplay.

Each stage consists of a variety of colorful blocks that will be available to users to arrange on a square plate. You have to arrange the shapes in a special way so that you can eliminate them in various modes and open the space to continue. It can be said that in general, the gameplay is somewhat similar to the TETRIS game series , but with the difference that each stage can be an intellectual challenge for players.