A Musical Story Apk (Paid Full Game) v1.0.5.1 Download

A Musical Story Apk (Paid Full Game) unlocked Download

A Musical Story Apk is the name of the second official project of the American studio Digerati Distribution in the style of music games (Music), which has been published and put up for sale in the form of a paid game for $ 4.99 on Google Play. A Musical Story was first released for the Windows PC platform through the Steam Store before it was released for Android devices. The game’s huge popularity prompted its developers to decide to release a ported version of the game for Android and iOS as well. In A Musical Story, you are dealing with a completely different and evolved title from a musical game. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameA Musical Story
DeveloperDigerati Distribution
Android Version Required6.0
Last UpdateApril 06, 2022

Features of A Musical Story:

  • Rekindle Gabriel’s memories with rhythmic button presses in time with the music
  • Storytelling without words – discover Gabriel’s journey through music and visuals alone
  • Gabriel’s story comes to life through a beautifully crafted art style
  • A unique original soundtrack featuring 26 songs
  • Play every song perfectly to unlock a hidden chapter

A Musical Story Although it looks like another musical game, but the elements used in the game and the different style of its designs have made us undoubtedly consider this game as one of the best and most distinctive music style games. Unlike most games of this genre, which usually do not have a specific story, A Musical Story, as its name suggests, is a musical story game.

The story of the game is about a young boy named Gabriel who works in a jazz band. One day he falls into a coma due to an accident. Since music has been an important part of his life, Gabriel has interesting ideas in his mind about performing music with his bandmates. He recalls these notions that were actually memories of musical performances before. Each stage of the game is actually part of Gabriel’s memories.