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Agent Dash Mod Apk It is a very interesting and exciting game in which you have to run fast and cross obstacles quickly and pass under or over various obstacles, and sometimes you may have to face large trucks and overcome them with a special technique made by Full Fat Game studio. Like other games in the same style, you can use jets and missiles to increase speed, but in this case, you must also increase your accuracy and speed of action, because you may suddenly face a difficult obstacle, and if you are not careful, You will lose your points and you will have to start the stage from the beginning. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameAgent Dash
DeveloperFull Fat
Android Version Required7.0
Last UpdateJuly 23, 2022

Features of Agent Dash:

  • Tap (finger strokes) and very smooth control
  • Different levels and levels with beautiful ups
  • Exciting movements with beautiful explosions
  • Exciting penetration and escape
  • New characters with different looks and costumes
  • The next generation graphics are very beautiful and smooth
  • Matt music and unique sound effects inspired by classic spy movies
  • Full HD resolution
  • Addictive and attractive 3D gameplay with great graphics

Another day in Agent Dash, take control of one of the main characters of Espionage Escape or other heroes or traitors, including the Queen, and continue playing! Your mission is to defeat a vicious criminal named Dr. Quantum Finger and you must thwart all his plans, Dr. Quantum Finger is the worst criminal in the world! You will appear in different and unique locations, including the hidden island of Quantum Finger, which is full of various traps and obstacles, and you should avoid them and leave them behind.

The game control system is very well designed and allows you to have good control over your movements during the game and react quickly to obstacles. The gameplay and graphics of Agent Dash game are unique and it can be said that it is great in its kind and can attract the attention of any gamer and make that person one of the most popular games on his phone. Never get tired of doing it. The music during the game is excellently designed and has very beautiful sound effects that give a special atmosphere to the game.