Alien Creeps Tower Defense Mod Apk (unlimited money) v2.32.2

Alien Creeps Tower Defense Mod Apk (unlimited money) unlocked

Alien Creeps Tower Defense Mod Apk A new strategy game against alien enemies that has recently been released by the Outplay game development studio for the Android operating system. In this tower defense style game, you will face different types of attackers and you will witness exciting battles. You have to use different units and forces to prevent the aliens from advancing and destroy them. Do not forget that life on earth depends on your success! get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameAlien Creeps Tower Defense
DeveloperOutplay Entertainment Ltd
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateJuly 23, 2022

Features of Alien Creeps Tower Defense:

  • Defend the Earth through Towers
  • 3 different modes to play
  • Using different heroes
  • Unlocking towers and various equipment with in-game improvements
  • Great features
  • 50 levels of explosives
  • with 3 exciting game modes Join Challenges and Complete Your Strategy
  • Deploy your Heroes and Infantry on a variety of hard terrain
  • Design the ultimate defense with a set of destructive
    towers – Unlock powerful new towers and abilities to help your defense
  • Invite allies to join this all-out battle with air strikes and auxiliary forces share it!
  • Complete 58 other insanely challenging 2-minute challenges that are fully optimized for mobile gameplay
  • Fast forward through creep waves at high speed

The cool thing about Alien Creeps Tower Defense, which is less common in similar games, is the ability to use soldiers and infantry, and you can prevent aliens from coming forward by placing infantry on the routes you want. do. Alien Creeps Tower Defense has towers that are all modern. This means that you will use towers with which the type of killing is designed in a modern style. You will also be able to upgrade and increase the power of these towers and you can upgrade them to several different levels.

The story of Alien Creeps Tower Defense game is about space creatures attacking the planet, which intends to surround the earth. You will also play a role as a military commander in the game that you must be able to stand up to these space creatures with the right strategy and destroy them. As mentioned, Alien Creeps Tower Defense is strategically designed. In this game you have to use defense towers to be able to avoid the alien forces. There are various defense towers in the game, each of which has different powers and sometimes capabilities, which according to your needs, you can place the tower in the right place to shoot at enemy forces.