Alone Mod Apk (all level unlocked) v1.1 Download

Alone Mod Apk (all level unlocked) Download

ALONE Mod Apk Exciting arcade style game for Android, developed by Laser Dog game studio located in Manchester, England. In this two-dimensional and somewhat action game , you take control of a space capsule that you have to pass through various channels and through celestial objects safely. As with most games of this genre, the goal is to challenge the user’s focus and gain more points, and no end can be imagined. To create more mood while playing, beautiful music has been added to it that will fascinate you. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

DeveloperLaser Dog
Android Version Required4.0
Last UpdateApril 22, 2022

Features of Alone Mod Apk:

  • Ultra fast and intense gameplay
  • Split second twitch sensitive analogue control
  • Hours of action filled gameplay across three unlockable difficulty levels
  • Two awesome bonus modes
  • Spectacular sound track
  • Integrated Google Play Services friend scores
  • No In App Purchases

As in the game ALONE As you progress, the spaces you have to cross become harder and harder. You move in tighter spaces and you have to react suddenly and faster. Meteors always fly towards you and never leave you alone. An interesting mechanism in this game is that your spaceship has a protective shield that can withstand small blows. Stones and small meteorites sometimes completely destroy the spaceship shield, but the shield can be rebuilt in a very short time.

Of course, this mechanism should not make you too happy, because the spaceship’s protective shield against the rocks that you have to go through is completely useless. A small encounter equals a game over. Similarly, if you hit the smallest thing when the shield is gone, the game over will still be waiting for you.