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Arcade Surfer Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Arcade Surfer Mod Apk Action Puzzle 3D is a title in the arcade genre that has been released by the game development studio That Friendly Dev as a free game for Android devices. In recent years, the boundaries of mobile gaming have changed dramatically, and it is less possible to place a game in a particular genre. However, the most popular games in the Android Market are those games that do not need to be explained and you can immediately play them in a few minutes and fill your free time. Arcade Surfer: Action Puzzle 3D is exactly one of those games that does not fall into a particular genre, but it is a game that you keep coming back to and you can not leave it for a long time. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameArcade Surfer
DeveloperThat Friendly Dev
Android Version Required7.0 and up
Last UpdateOctober 28, 2020

Features of Arcade Surfer:

  • Lasers, Teleports, Jumps, Dodging and many more!
  • Different types of enemies!
  • Simplistic yet beautiful graphics!
  • Relaxing Music!
  • 60 fps experience!
  • Multiple Leaderboards !
  • Different themes!
  • Cloud saving!
  • Many uniquely crafted levels!
  • Challenging and Fun !

The best way to describe Arcade Surfer: Action Puzzle 3D is to use similar games. This gameplay is almost similar to the famous gameplay Subway Surfers has it. However, as you enter the game, you will notice big differences and you will realize that Arcade Surfer: Action Puzzle 3D is a completely new game that has its own atmosphere. The special twists in the gameplay of this game will bring you a different and fun experience.

At its core, the game takes you into a surreal world and asks you to advance as far as you can in the game stages and remove the puzzle-shaped obstacles in your path and deal with the enemies in Try to stop you are fighting. You can swipe your finger on the screen of your device in different directions to take control of your character. You can strategically move backwards to cross obstacles, but in general you only have to move forward.