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ARIDA Backland’s Awakening Apk to discover and hear the stories of the interior of Brazil, face dry conditions and enjoy a unique adventure game. The genre of survival games is no longer a stranger to players around the world. But is it really hard to search for a really good game for a long time, for a week or maybe a month? ARIDA game is surely the best recent choice. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameArida Backland’S Awakening
DeveloperAoca Game Lab
Android Version Required7.1
Last UpdateOctober 05, 2022

Features of Arida Backland’s Awakening:

  • “Art of ARIDA” is a digital art book that presents behind-the-scenes elements of the game.
  • The interior of Brazil has many unique stories. Find hidden treasures and learn alien stories.
  • Explore drylands to learn about wilderness areas and find resources. Always keep an inventory.
  • Drought causes hunger and thirst in villages. Solve the quest of the elders to get water and food.
  • Living in the country requires wisdom. Try to create an area with exotic wildlife and vegetation. Maybe you need to go backcountry.
  • Erida needs equipment. Get water, smooth the roads and chop the corn using machete and shovel. Sharp tools are useless, so bring plenty of grindstones.

First of all, players take on the role of a girl named Arida who lives in the driest regions of a fantasy world. Everyone in this world is fighting for their life for food and even paying ransom to groups of other human beings. I don’t know if the little girl can live in this harsh world or not?

ARIDA Backland’s Awakening Apk Story

The ported version of ARIDA: Backland’s Awakening for Android uses the same features as the original version. Even the gameplay and graphic designs of the game are at the level of the original version, and in this regard, Aoca Game Lab studio, which was not only the developer of the game, but also its publisher for various platforms, should be praised.

story of a Brazilian girl

ARIDA Backland’s Awakening It tells the story of a Brazilian girl named Cicera in one of the driest regions of Brazil. The story of the game takes place in the middle of the 19th century. Cicera lives with his grandfather.

live in a dry land

The place where they live is a dry land, which has caused it to have few inhabitants. Cicera’s parents go on a journey hoping to find a better land to live in, but they don’t take their child with them and leave him to his grandfather. Due to the extreme problems of water scarcity and drought, Cicera and her grandfather decide to go after her parents to both find them and have a chance to find a better land to live.

open world like role-playing

During the game ARIDA Backland’s Awakening you have different missions as Cicera and you have to do fascinating adventures. The gameplay style of the game is designed in the form of an open world like role-playing titles, but considering the generality of the game, the feature of the open world is not so much in this game.

3D environmental details are very good

However, you can control the game character from the third person view and move around freely. The graphics of the game are animated, but all the modeling is 3D and the environmental details are very good. Considering the overall size of the game, it must be said that this amount of graphic details is very admirable.