Bad Piggies Hd Mod Apk (infinite power) v2.4.3301 Download

Bad Piggies Hd Mod Apk (infinite power) unlocked

Bad Piggies Hd Mod Apk is the name of a popular game from the Rovio series of games made by Angry Birds. In this game, which is based on the laws of physics, you have to design machines using various tools and help pigs steal eggs. This game can keep you entertained and laugh for hours. In this game, you have to bring the pigs to the birds’ eggs with your intelligence and creativity, as well as the available tools, and go through the steps. Mikael Hed from Rovio says: “There were a lot of people who loved these funny pigs who are considered your enemies and have often asked us what the pigs do in the game. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameBad Piggies Hd
DeveloperRovio Entertainment Corporation
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateJanuary 31, 2023

Features of Bad Piggies Hd:

  • Having 140 fun stages
  • Having 36 extra stages for other people who receive three stars
  • Provide +36 tools for making engines, umbrellas, balloons, etc. by you
  • Great graphics with addictive gameplay

In the game, you will be provided with a number of pieces that you must use to design a machine to be able to reach your goal, which is to reach the birds’ eggs. As you progress in the game, the goals will become more difficult and the design of your car will become more complex, and the work will go so far that you will become a professional designer in building cars. Machines that you must follow the scientific and physical laws to build them!

There will be more than 200 challenging levels in the game, and by receiving 3 full stars from each of the game levels, 40 special levels will be unlocked for you. It is interesting to know that some levels of the game need to be completed several times to get 3 full stars from them. It should be noted that the number of levels will increase with free updates and will keep you entertained for a long time.