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Beat Hazard 2 Apk It is a very well-made and very exciting game in the style of Music or Musical, which is made and designed with a unique style and combination so that players can have a new, different and completely new experience from this game. In fact, this game is a direct combination of two arcade shooter styles and musical style, which is a very interesting and creative combination. The British studio Cold Beam Games Ltd made this game after the success of the first part, which was released under the name Beat Hazard Ultra, and by adding new parts to it, it made a more evolved game than that. get the full version free from ApkDip.

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This game is a music collection of the most exciting songs of electronic and trance style. Each song is attributed to a specific stage, and according to that stage, this song is also performed and played. According to the game’s creator, Pushing the boundaries of music powered gameplay, the sequel includes procedurally generated boss ships. Each track will create a unique archenemy ship for you to vanquish.

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Each of your songs will have its own unique ebb and flow based on the music. Beat Hazard 2 seamlessly mixes the love of gaming and music. Together they become greater than the sum of their parts. Each track you play will also creates a unique player ship, anything from a tiny ‘Mosquito’ ship to a huge ‘Brute’ battle ship! Created ships are consistent, if you discover an awesome ship tell your friends so they can unlock it too!

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There are so many enemies in this galaxy that they are trying to destroy you with deadly weapons. You are also equipped with special weapons and you must protect yourself by attacking them. These battles, which are very fierce, along with the very exciting music, provide you with an extremely stressful experience so that you can be very excited and have a lot of fun. The selection of these songs is excellent and the collection in Beat Hazard 2 is really admirable. At the beginning of each stage, you have a small spaceship that, according to the manufacturer, is exclusive and special at each stage. As the game progresses and the enemies are destroyed, this small spaceship,

Game info

NameBeat Hazard 2
DeveloperCold Beam Games Ltd
Android Version Required4.1+
Last UpdateApril 9, 2020


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