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Big Hunter Mod Apk The most updated version of the Big Hunter Android game was presented by KAKAROD INTERACTIVE for smartphones and tablets that use the Android operating system. The style of the game is hunting. In the Android game Big Hunter, you play the role of the head of a tribe that is affected by drought and famine, and as the head of the tribe, you are responsible for providing food and other necessities for the people. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameBig Hunter
DeveloperKakarod Interactive
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateJuly 18, 2022

Features of Big Hunter Mod Apk:

  • Easy and excellent touch control
  • A hunting game based on dynamic physics
  • Simple but outstanding graphic design
  • With rhythmic sounds
  • Contains 100 challenging and varied stages
  • Show your hunting skills to your friends via SMS, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Support for Android phones and tablets

tribe and the story

It should be noted that in the above game you will not see the people of your tribe and the story will be told to you only at the beginning of the game. You have to hunt giant mammoths to survive the famine using their meat.

hunt mammoths daily

You have to hunt mammoths daily and the way of hunting mammoths changes every day. For example, some days with a certain number of spears or a certain time and. The key to success during the game is to continuously hit the mammoth, the initial hits have less points. If you hit the mammoth in the stages of the game without going wrong, you will be able to finish that stage within a few seconds. There are 3 different modes in the game.

limited number of spears

In the first case, you have a limited number of spears, you must use a certain number of them to hunt the mammoth. In the second case, your time is limited and you have to hunt the mammoth within the specified time.

complete the work of the mammoth

in the first mode, your number of spears is limited and you have to destroy the mammoth using a certain number, in the second mode there is a time limit and you have to complete the work of the mammoth in the set time, but in the third mode, which is a little It is more difficult, besides being aware of the time and number of spears, you must hit the designated points on the mammoth’s body!