BOKU BOKU Mod Apk (unlimited money) v1.0.215 Download

BOKU BOKU Mod Apk (unlimited money) unlocked

BOKU BOKU Mod Apk game is a fascinating and entertaining title in the style of simulation games that has been designed and published by the PIXTICLE development team. This is a title building game where you can use blocks to create your world. There are various musical instruments in BOKU BOKU. For example, you can find piano, xylophone, drum kit, and drum Taiko and.. The best part is that everything produces sound. When you sit in front of a music instrument, you can play with it, record your music, write your own songs and share with other players and friends. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

Android Version Required4.4 and up
Last UpdateJuly 19, 2022

Features of BOKU BOKU Mod Apk:

  • Virtual meetings with real and online players
  • Multiplayer game support
  • Nostalgic graphics
  • Move freely in the environment
  • Taste choices
  • Attractive and changeable characters
  • Buy and sell your property
  • Management of shops and restaurants
  • Learning different and exciting instruments
  • Free download without additional ads

This game is designed in such a way that children, teenagers and adults, girls and boys can do it and enjoy playing in this title to the fullest. The game world ahead of you is ready for construction for any building and structure, and it is you who will be the final decision maker. This game is constantly updated by its creators and you can confidently wait for newer features of the game. In the discussion of game modes, you can use the multiplayer feature of this game and share the steps of the game with your friends to create new and more interesting designs for your world and even characters by using the ability to work with each other. Make yourself personal.

Another interesting thing that you will see in this game is the existence of calculators and real engineering formulas. In this game, like a real engineer, use mathematical size and calculation to build the best buildings. Buy hats and clothes for your game character or Change her face. You can buy any kind of clothes you want and then join a group of other players and take a friendly photo with them. In this game you have your own musical instruments.