Call of Battle Mod Apk (infinite money, gold) v2.7 Download

Call of Battle Mod Apk (infinite money, gold) unlocked

Call of Battle Mod Apk Target Shooting FPS Game is aimed at a very beautiful war game in the style of first-person shooter games or FPS, which is made and released for free. The game was developed by Hong Kong Studio Shooting Target & Free FPS Game and made available to Android players around the world for free on Google Play. Call of Battle: Target Shooting FPS Game is an offline action game in the style of Action FPS, which is actually a single-player, stage game. This game does not have a very special storyline or adventurous content, and according to the general features and explanations given by the creators, get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameCall of Battle
DeveloperShooting Target & Free FPS Game
Android Version Required5.0 and up
Last UpdateMarch 08, 2021

Features of Call of Battle Mod Apk:

  • If you want to play offline fps game, then you can enjoy this call of war story with offline fps shooter experience in this Call of Battle: Target Shooting FPS Game.
  • Great realistic sounds effects, compelling graphics and high AI of enemy in this mobile FPS shooter game.
  • Variety of ARSENAL:
  • Unique modern weapons to choose, unlock new weapons and then use them in next stages. Use sniper rifle for long range assassination, assault rifle for counter terrorist purpose as special commando. Enemies are too close? Try the shotguns!
  • The enemies you face are extremely dangerous, some of them are move quickly, some of them may be highly resistant to bullets. Show them commando shooting skills with most compelling and challenging mission.
  • Oh, and be careful, don’t let those things get you!
  • FPS War shooting:
  • The ultimate challenging task in this Best CS game is to neutralize the enemy with your teammates, strike at enemy base, face the enemy’s well-trained special forces with your excellent modern weapons, and then, complete your mission!

Play Call of Battle: Target Shooting FPS Game Although the story is not very specific, there is a simple linear trend in it. You are in the role of a special officer from the army commando group who has been sent to the battlefields for various missions. One of your most important missions is to confront the enemies who are carrying out destructive programs against humanity in the form of a dangerous organization. But this is not your only mission! Another important mission that you have to do well is to deal with zombie-like creatures that have become like this because of the strange actions of the same organization.

These creatures seem to be human beings who have fallen victim to biological experiments, and there is no other way but to destroy them to establish security. The style of play is first person and the most important part of the game is aiming and shooting at enemies. Ordinary enemies that are soldiers equipped with various weapons can shoot you and hurt you, but zombies can destroy you as they approach you. So under any circumstances, in Call of Battle: Target Shooting FPS Game, your main priority should be to destroy the enemies as soon as possible. During this game you can go to different places and experience various battles and use a variety of weapons and equipment.