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Casting Away Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Casting Away Mod Apk A remote but simple and attractive game made by the Korean studio Nexelon inc. Developer of similar games such as Fishing Life , Monster Fishing 2021 , Fishing Season: River To Ocean , Poly Star: Prince story and 2048 Fishing , which has been released as a free game on Google Play. Based on the developer’s previous game titles, it can be seen that Nexelon Studio has a special interest in making fishing-themed games. It seems that since there are no very strong and special games in this field, this game company has decided to turn this field of mobile game style into its own exclusive style to become the largest and most famous game studio. Become in the style of fishing games. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameCasting Away
DeveloperNexelon inc.
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateSeptember 30, 2022

Features of Casting Away Mod Apk:

  • Build buildings by collecting materials from the sea and you can do different things alone.
  • Beautiful and mysterious fish to be caught. If you are lucky, you can find some floating breasts!
  • You can cook and eat food made from different ingredients that you prepare from your animals.
  • You will find even more variety of fish.
  • Enjoy the beautiful sunset and moonlight over the sea.
  • It offers beautiful scenery where the sun rises and the moon sets in real time.
  • day waves to relax in the Casting Away
  • for those who are tired, natural waves ASMR you to the sea was calm.
  • Raise different fish in your fish tank!
  • You can open treasure chests by collecting hearts from fish.
  • The longer the fishing line, the deeper you can fish!
  • You can catch bigger fish in the deep sea. However, you can only achieve this if you can prevent small frying.

Casting Away Tells the story of a rich and successful man who is a movie star. He decides to go on vacation with his private jet, but when his jet crashes due to a severe storm, he finds his way to an unknown island that has no other island or land for hundreds and maybe thousands of kilometers around it. Now this man is stuck on an uninhabited island and no one knows about him. That’s why his only way is to try to survive on the island.

Casting Away is based on the famous movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks, which was released in 2000, and tells a similar story. During Casting Away, you must try to earn a living by fishing. It is true that you are apparently the only human on this island, but there are other animals that have set foot on this island, and it is not clear how and where they got to this area. You can collect them in an animal farm and manage them to have a small farm for yourself. This island belongs to you and you can customize it.