Cell Expansion Wars Mod Apk (Infinite Coins, Guides) v1.1.7

Cell Expansion Wars Mod Apk (Infinite Coins, Guides) unlocked For Android

Cell Expansion Wars Mod Apk Battle of the Cells is another strategy game from the fun and entertaining Korean studio mobirix that comes with a simple but interesting and different idea and is available on Google Play for Android phones and tablets. Is located. This game is released for free but has the ability to pay in-app. Get it and experience another fun and entertaining title from this creative studio. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameCell Expansion Wars
Android Version Required4.1+
Last UpdateApril 01, 2022

Features of Cell Expansion Wars:

  • Easy controls
  • With line multiplying cells, Players can stretch more tentacles.
  • Attacking cells can give more damage to enemies.
  • Defensive cells can regain the health of allies cells.
  • Various supportive items that help players
  • Various and unique mini-games.
  • 16 languages supported.
  • Achievement& leaderboard supported.
  • Tablet PC devices supported.

In this game, as its name suggests, you go to the battle between the cells and you have to try to win your team against the opposing team. The whole game may seem a little strange at first glance, but after a few minutes of the game you can get acquainted with it and learn the general process. In Cell Expansion Wars You have to manage and control a number of cells. The cells under your control have a special color, and on the opposite side, the opposing team, which is the game’s artificial intelligence, also has a number of cells that have a different color so that you can easily understand the difference between the cells.

Your job is to strengthen your cells and try to get rid of your opponent’s beads by attaching them to rival cells and sending destructive energy to them. These energies are written in the form of numbers inside each cell, and in fact the number displayed on each cell is its health value. By connecting cells to each other, these energies are transferred. If you connect to your own cells, the energy sent acts like a health kit and increases the health of your cells, and if the same connection is established with the opponent’s cells, the energy sent will destroy the opposite cell.