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Cell to Singularity Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked For Android

Cell to Singularity Mod Apk – Evolution Never Ends is a fun and engaging Android game in the style of simulation games developed and released by ComputerLunch Studios. this game about wonderful story of evolution. Once upon a time, more than 4.5 billion years ago, there was no life in the solar system. And after that, almost everything changed in the blink of an eye. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameCell to Singularity
Android Version Required5.0+
Last UpdateJuly 18, 2020
Cell to Singularity unlimited money

Features of Cell to Singularity:

  • The most accurate game of human evolution on the planet
  • Countless hours of addictive click gameplay – but very informative
  • With each game, get entropy as an evolutionary currency to live in the world
  • Simple and intuitive controls – Click on the entropy for new animal developments
  • Later, conquer Tech civilizations by spending a lot of ideas on scientific and technological advances.
  • This is a scientific game about the progress of life on earth. See the fruits of evolution in beautiful, three-dimensional habitats. Open animals such as fish, lizards, mammals, monkeys.
  • Opening the future of evolution and the mystery of technological loneliness.
  • Discover and learn scientific facts about the evolution of life and natural history while playing
  • Click on the past of modern civilization, enter the space odyssey in science fiction stories
  • Thanks to the soundtrack of the epic film of classical music, face the mood of life
  • Upgrade the evolution of a single cell organism to a civilization on the verge of technological singularity
  • Simulation of life science on earth.
  • Upgrade technology to Survive on Mars and Terraform Mars
Cell to Singularity unlocked

Go back to the next development page with each click. Get an entropy to open the next chapter of life evolution. Discover the twists and turns that have led to the great turning points in the evolution of life: the extinction of dinosaurs, the discovery of fire, the industrial revolution, and more. Take a look at the chapters that haven’t been written yet – figure out the evolution of the future beyond the modern day.

Cell to Singularity Mod

In the depths of the primordial soup on earth, there are organic compounds that create the humble origin of life. Everything that happens in this epic evolutionary game happens in your hands and your decisions. This is a breathtaking evolutionary game! The most accurate game of human evolution on the planet.