City Island 2 Mod Apk (infinite money) v150.2.2 Download

City Island 2 Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked Download

City Island 2 Mod Apk Build Offline City Island Offline construction is a popular and extremely beautiful game with colorful and HD graphics in the style of island building and expansion games from the well-known game studio Sparkling Society for the Android operating system. After a long time has passed since the release of the first version, we are witnessing the design and release of the second version with more unique and excellent features. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameCity Island 2
DeveloperSparkling Society – Build Town City Building Games
Android Version Required4.1
Last UpdateSeptember 07, 2022

Features of City Island 2 Mod Apk:

  • Very high graphics with full support for tablets
  • Visual and attractive gameplay with challenging actions with various rewards and achievements
  • Very attractive missions to build the city in the most beautiful way possible (during the game you will be assigned several missions that By doing them, you can create a modern city)
  • the possibility of increasing the population and attracting different citizens by building railways, entertainment centers, etc.
  • the possibility of receiving taxes and earning profit from the construction of various buildings
  • upgrading equipment and buildings during the game
  • It has a game guide to better build the city in a modern and beautiful way
  • showing the time needed to build and upgrade buildings
  • high quality graphics
  • building and decorating a beautiful island with more than 150 unique items will challenge your creativity
  • Attract citizens with parks, trees, railways with trains, boats, decorations and community buildings
  • Collect profits from your commercial
  • buildings – Upgrade your city buildings
  • Unlock new buildings for construction
  • Collect ten In-game rewards
  • Rebuild your city to create more space and build more buildings, and progress to a metropolis with tall buildings
  • Increase construction speed / upgrade time
  • Rebuild your city on land and sea
  • Co-op and play with your Facebook friends

create jobs for the citizens

In City Island 2, you are even responsible for creating jobs for the people, and you have to create jobs for the citizens by building a bridge over the city’s big river, building a city railway and improving the buildings so that they are satisfied with you.

provide the necessary expenses

Of course, the construction of shopping and convenience centers, amusement parks and tourist centers can make you more popular, and you must be able to provide the necessary expenses in various ways, such as collecting taxes from the people, in order to succeed in doing such things.

expand your own island

In this game, you have to expand your own island, Build all kinds of buildings for the citizens, create jobs for the people of the island, take advantage of the criticisms and suggestions of the people of your island, and create a unique island by creating rivers, railway lines for trains, parks and hundreds of different items.

beautiful game City Island 2

Create custom and entertain yourself for hours! If you are one of the people who are interested in building a city and investing and looking for a You are the game that entertains you. We offer you the beautiful game City Island 2 Build Offline.