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Clan N Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Clan N Mod Apk is an Android action game from Creamative Studio that you can install and enjoy on your Android devices. Fight alone or with your friends, master the art of battle, and bring peace back to earth in this epic battle! Clan N is an action game that combines the gameplay of classic games and modern day battles. With a fast nature, you have to enjoy your light, heavy and special progress, block the enemy’s progress and use your special attacks. With an ancient theme, you will be challenged in 7 different levels with different enemies and Mid / End bosses. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameClan N
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateApril 18, 2022

Features of Clan N Mod Apk:

  • High-speed attacks that combine the gameplay of classic games and modern day battles.
  • A main story with 7 levels divided into more than hundreds of sections.
  • It is possible to cooperate with a maximum of 4 robot players.
  • A smooth pixel based graphics with music inspired by the Far East and sfx.

Of course, like most video games, in this game, you can increase or decrease the difficulty of the game as you wish, by referring to the settings section. But in some parts of the game stages, there are a series of temples for you that you can visit and upgrade the abilities of your characters. These abilities include speed, strength, stability, responsibility, and special forces. On the other hand, depending on your chosen character, you can also get equipment such as potions and shurikin in these temples.

This game is also at a high level in terms of graphics. The art design is a pixel game, but the mountains, farms, caves, temples, ships have a lot of details, and the developers have been able to with the effects of fighting and simulating the wind with the movement of clouds and leaves of trees and extraordinary atmosphere To create for this game. All of these visual features, along with the great sound of swords, jumps, throwing objects, and… as well as great game soundtracks, will bring you an experience you will never forget.