CONNECTION Mod Apk (infinite points) v2.8.2 Download

CONNECTION Mod Apk (infinite points) unlocked

CONNECTION Mod Apk game is a very attractive intellectual game for Android, which has been created and published by the game development studio, from which we have seen other interesting games so far. As the name of this very interesting brain teaser suggests, you should look for communication in it. At each stage of the game you will be faced with a number of points. The number of these points will increase as the game progresses and it will be more difficult to find a way to connect them. You need to mark these points with a line. In such a way that all the marked points are connected by a line and the shape is created. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

Android Version Required5.0 and up
Last UpdateDecember 4, 2020

Features of CONNECTION Mod Apk:

  • Different and multiple stages
  • Exciting challenges
  • Without any timer and stress
  • Has 200 stages
  • Connect the dots with a line
  • Drag a few lines to connect the dots
  • Existence of different patterns
  • A measure of a person’s IQ
  • Good graphics
  • Easy gameplay

As it was said, CONNECTION game is a very attractive intellectual game for Android, and by installing and running it, you can experience very good intellectual challenges. You must connect the marked points with one line at each stage of the game. Of course, in the higher stages, there will be points that need to be connected with other lines, and you need to come up with an idea in your mind so that you can connect each point to your line.

The more levels you can solve without help, the higher your IQ. Note that to connect the dots, they must be the same color and you must completely fill the hollow dots. Connection, one of the toughest games made by the studio, challenges your logic skills, tests your IQ, and measures your ability to build a successful network.