Contract Assassin Mod Apk (Infinite John) v1.0 For Android

Contract Assassin Mod Apk (Infinite John) unlocked For Android

Contract Assassin Mod Apk is an interesting and entertaining game from the tactical style of action games, which is provided for free by Hyperkani Studio in Finland. Hyperkani has gained a lot of fame by making popular and very popular games such as Stunt Car Challenge and Bomber Friends. Contract Assassin is an action game but quite tactical, and unlike many similar games that only discuss attack, combat, and direct confrontation, in this game you have to put your main priority on stealth attacks. get the mod version from ApkDip.

Contract Assassin infinite John

In Contract Assassin, you play the role of a professional assassin or a so-called Hitman who attacks and destroys targets in exchange for money. Your customer is a special person or perhaps a secret organization whose identity is not disclosed. Now you need to play Contract AssassinIn the role of the main character of the game, that is, this contract killer, go to the armed people in very dangerous missions and destroy them one after the other!

Contract Assassin unlocked

In game missions, you are faced with a combination of challenges, the most important of which are enemies that attack you as soon as they see you. They have firearms and can shoot at you from a distance, but you are a killer with cold weapons, and you don’t know the variety of weapons, and the method of this killer is to approach the enemies and kill them at close range. Be. So if you’re going to fight enemies directly, you probably won’t last long. That’s why in Contract Assassin, you have to focus on killing enemies secretly.

Contract Assassin mod

Enemies are constantly moving, and you need to attack them from behind with the right timing, as soon as they don’t have a good view of you, and before they’re late or let others know. Serve! Contract Assassin’s game view is in the third person mode and from above, and to play the game, you have to specify the point where the main character has to move, and do this very quickly and as usual, and try to be in one place. Don’t stand still. Unless you’re hiding behind a box or a large object. In addition to enemies, there are other challenges and obstacles along the way that have helped increase the game’s appeal.

Game info

NameContract Assassin
Android Version Required6.0+
Last UpdateApril 3, 2020


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