Cooking Farm Mod Apk (unlimited coin, lives) v0.18.0

Cooking Farm Mod Apk (unlimited coin, lives) unlocked Download

Cooking Farm Mod Apk Farming Fever is another work in the series of simulation and management games by Cyprus Studio Matryoshka, creator of games such as Rescue Team – time management game Is released for free but with in-app payment capabilities for Android users around the world. Matryoshka Studio is one of the active game development studios in the field of management games and simulation, and the title Farming Fever Cooking Games is one of the best, which is designed with a very attractive combination of management, simulation and farm style. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameCooking Farm
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateJune 04, 2022

Features of Cooking Farm Mod Apk:

  • Cooking and farming in one casual game!
  • Real farmers will fall in love with the serene backdrop of this country escape! Spend the day in the sun enjoying village landscapes sprinkled with wildflowers, rustic barns, and bales of hay.
  • Stay on your toes ’cause you’re about to experience real cooking fever during peak business hours!
  • Cook tasty meals made exclusively from natural ingredients grown on your own farm. Make sure nobody ever leaves hungry!
  • Earn tips by fulfilling orders quickly.
  • Modernize your farm, upgrade your equipment, and maximize profit to take your farmstead to the next level.
  • Go on a farm adventure with an enterprising main character and open new farms across the globe!
  • Try your hand at everything from diner dash management to gardening and baking!
  • Treat your customers to mouthwatering candy apples!
  • Play hundreds of exciting time management levels.

farm games and cooking games

Are you confused between farm games and cooking games? You do not have to choose between being a farmer and being a cook. Take an escape from the country and experience the cooking fever right on the farm! You will love this exciting Farming Fever time management game because you can hold both your chef’s hat and your fork!

Agriculture simulation

Excitement of Agriculture is another piece from the series of simulation and management games of Cyprus Matryoshka Studio, the creator of games such as Rescue Team time management game, which has been released for free.

be a major American farmer

Grow your products, cook meals, and deliver orders in no time. Start as a major American farmer and grow into a large farmer with lots of exotic farms. You will never get tired of Cooking Farm!

young and active girl

In this game, you are in the role of the main character of the game, who is a young and active girl. Together with his grandfather, he decided to revitalize his small family farm. With the help of his grandfather and with his guidance, he set up the farm. Your task is to plant foods such as tomatoes, corn and..

raise farm animals

Your other job is to raise farm animals such as cows and chickens so that you can earn money with cow’s milk and eggs. The gameplay in Farming Fever Cooking Farm is creative and challenging at the same time. At the beginning of each stage of the game, customers come to your farm and show you their order.

complete your customer order

You need to complete your customer order by quickly planting crops and preparing these foods. As you progress in the game you can add more sections to your farm. For example, you can add a oven to bake bread or buy a cheese machine to make cheese from cow’s milk. Like any other game in the style of Cooking Games, the main criterion for gaining more points is speed of action and time management.

upgrade system

The more your customers procrastinate, the less points you get and the less money you end up with. The time you have to spend to complete each customer’s order is displayed next to them so you know how much time you have. The upgrade system in Farming Fever Cooking Games is such that you can upgrade various sections for a fee.