Crux The Great Outdoors Apk (full paid) v1.0 Free Download

Crux The Great Outdoors Apk (full paid) Free Download

Crux The Great Outdoors Apk Rock Climbing Challenge is the name of the first official project of the Swedish studio Mindgames Studios in the form of a puzzle-style game that has been released in two free versions (Demo) and full version (Full) for $ 3.99. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameCrux The Great Outdoors
DeveloperMindgames Studios
Android Version Required10
Last UpdateMay 31, 2022

accurate route planning and flawless execution

Mountaineering is about accurate route planning and flawless execution. In Crux you move your arms or legs to a new holder – but each hold only allows you to stay longer. Find a sequence of moves that will take you to the top and execute them! And when you reach all the peaks by completing each ascent in the least possible move, defeat the points.

puzzle style its nature

Crux: The Great Outdoors Or the rock climbing challenge is a fun and simple game that has been published in a puzzle style due to its nature. In this game, you are in the role of a professional and courageous climber who has been hiking in different environments and in different places and has decided to conquer different rocks.

it is your choices

The game process is very simple, but it is your choices that make this process simple or difficult. With the start of each stage of Crux: The Great Outdoors game, you take control of a rock climber. Your job is to choose the right next step in rock climbing. In fact, you have 4 choices for each move, including right-hand, left-hand, right-foot, and left-foot movements.

prioritize in different situations

It is up to you to choose which option to prioritize in different situations. In Crux: The Great Outdoors, there are two virtual gamepads on the right and left of the image. With the buttons on the right you can move the character’s hand and with the buttons on the left you can move his legs.

main challenges

The first few steps are followed educationally and teach you the game process well. So if you want to get acquainted with this game and learn it, be sure to follow the training section carefully. The main challenges of this game are after the educational part and they have considered difficult and interesting steps for you.