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Dadish Mod Apk Is the title of an action style game published by Thomas K Young game development studio for Android devices. This indie game studio is easily placed next to the best indie game development studios in the Android market and has been able to offer a very attractive and entertaining gameplay with its first game. If you love platformer games and word games, Dadish is exactly what you have been waiting for! The story of the game is about what happened to a compassionate and kind father.find. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

DeveloperThomas K Young
Android Version Required4.4 and up
Last UpdateJuly 05, 2022

Features of Dadish Mod Apk:

  • A challenging retro platformer from the creator of Super Fowlst!
  • Dialog that is funny, but not TOO funny
  • 40 cool levels to beat
  • 40 rude and sassy baby radishes to find
  • Fast-food dudes that will try to kill you
  • Four big tasty bosses
  • A screechy possum
  • The joys of fatherhood
  • A pretty good soundtrack I guess
  • I like the graphics I hope you do too
  • Collectable stars
  • Unlockable secrets

Of course, this kind father is a radish who has 40 little radish children, and unfortunately one day when he wakes up, he realizes that all his children are missing and no trace of them remains. If this happened in any other situation, we could say that a tragedy has literally happened. But fortunately here, this is just an excuse to jump off the platforms and go through the 40 stages of the game and find the little little radishes.

In this unique and lovely adventure, you have to face various dangers, fry fast food enemies like potatoes and defeat a big double hamburger, and solve some complex puzzles so that you can solve one of the radish kids at each stage.