Dark Riddle Classic Mod Apk (infinite apple) v1.0.8

Dark Riddle Classic Mod Apk (infinite apple) unlocked

Dark Riddle Classic Mod Apk It is the name of an adventure game published by PAGA GROUP game studio for Android devices. Dark Riddle: Classic is a first-person and open-world adventure game that, using the conventional elements of this style and the element of stealth, has been able to provide a gameplay that is very unique and definitely exciting for those interested in this style. And it will be fun. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameDark Riddle Classic
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateNovember 18, 2022

Features of Dark Riddle Classic Mod Apk:

  • get into the neighbor’s house
  • find many traps, obstacles, locks and closed doors
  • outsmart all opponents
  • get to the mysterious basement
  • find a lot of interesting things
  • adventure begins in an unusual city

observe suspicious activities of your neighbors

Before Dark Riddle Classic game, PAGA GROUP game studio released Dark Riddle, Dark Riddle was a first-person adventure game with stealth elements that used a stage structure. You were in the role of a neighbor who, seeing the suspicious activities of other neighbors, tried to break into their houses without being seen by the neighbors or their CCTV cameras and find out about their secret activities.

Dark Riddle Prequel

The game Dark Riddle Classic is not much different from the game Dark Riddle, and according to the creators, it is a part of the same original game, which was released as a separate game due to the huge demand of fans. it set another record for the creators of this game.

pass through the fence

But it is possible in the game Dark Riddle: Classic Hit the closed doors or windows and cannot pass through the fence of the house. For this reason, you must consciously search the game environment to find items such as boxes, keys, bricks, etc.,

enter your neighbor’s house

so that you can jump over fences and open locked doors or break windows. And enter your neighbor’s house in this way. Of course, there are other items such as apples, shockers, hunting cameras, etc. in the game that you have to find.

confuse your neighbor

These items will help you to confuse your neighbor for a few seconds when you are hidden and you can escape from him. All in all, it must be said that separating this part and turning it into a separate game was very smart.

first-person adventure

The elements of first-person adventure games, open world and stealth like the first game are well placed in the heart of the game and have brought a unique experience.

immerse yourself in the game

At first, it may seem that due to the more limited content of this game, the structure of the previous game cannot be the way it should be and may be the answer to this game, but the more you advance in the game, the different challenges of the game will make you completely immerse yourself in the game.

Dark Riddle Classic Mod Apk interactive World

And don’t feel lack of content or monotony at all. The game world is very wide and the game map has many locations and missions that you can find through the mini map. Your environment is interactive and easy game controls enable you to control your character through virtual joystick and interact with different items through virtual buttons.