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Dash Action Platformer Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Dash Action Platformer Mod Apk Escape is an interesting, simple and minimalist game, but it is very fun and challenging in the style of action-platformer games, which is offered for free on Google Play. The game was created by a creative Turkish developer named Harun Türkmen and designed as a solo project. Dash: Action Platformer, whose main title is Dash: Strike of Lightning, is a simple two-dimensional platformer game in the style of arcade and classic platformer games, which, due to its simple appearance features, may seem like a complete game at first glance. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameDash Action Platformer
DeveloperHarun Türkmen
Android Version Required4.3
Last UpdateAugust 23, 2021

Features of Dash Action Platformer:

  • Easily apply platformer mechanics with fluid gameplay.
  • Fight against enemies having various designs and behaviours.
  • Collect lights from the enemies that you defeat and breakable pots.
  • Upgrade yourself with the lights you have collected and be more powerful.
  • Collect the starts that are hidden in various places across the maps.
  • Restore your health in checkpoints.
  • Escape from the world where The Lightning bring darkness.

It may seem trivial, but it is not, and it must be said that Dash: Action Platformer will undoubtedly be one of the hardest and most challenging games you have ever experienced. Of course, the challenges of the game are not like many other similar games that can not be overcome, but the general nature of these challenges is such that it requires high concentration and timing, and according to these features, it should be said that this game without Doubt will be one of the most challenging and difficult games.

Game Dash: Action Platformer It tells a fantasy and cliché story of the constant confrontation of light and darkness. You are in the role of the main character of the game who is a lone hero. This character is a symbol of enlightenment and is supposed to face the enemies who are part of the demonic and evil forces. You have embarked on a difficult and risky adventure, and now you must focus on your difficult mission to destroy the devil and his army.