Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow Mod Apk (infinite coin) v1.2.1

Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow Mod Apk (infinite coin) unlocked

Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow Mod Apk An adventure game from Brain Eaters game development studio, which has been released for free in the Android Market. In this game you will take control of a dark ninja. Hell will come with the power of darkness and shadows! The evil shadow first enters the world of humanity with a specific purpose. His goal is to destroy his opponents. With his dark power, he will punish all his opponents and lead the world into his endless battle. The Shadow Ninja does all this quickly, stealthily and deadly. Now if you see the ability to play the role of a dark ninja, just install the game. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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NameDead Ninja Mortal Shadow
DeveloperBrain Eaters
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateJuly 06, 2021

Features of Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow:

  • Play the role of the main character; A dead ninja
  • Jumping, climbing branches and various tasks to advance the steps
  • Unique powers with the possibility of promotion by you
  • Different types of enemies with special and unique abilities
  • Different types of obstacles such as rocks and… to keep you open
  • Good graphics, great sound and acceptable touch controllers

Like a professional ninja, you must be fast and enter the designated places completely secretly. Enemies Destroy. From the very beginning, there is a black and white environment so that you can feel this game better and face enemies and demonic magic in a scary world. It is worth mentioning that you have various techniques and techniques that you can easily use. Use each one and finish the game at the end. Winning and doing adventure will depend on your inner strength and skill.

The game has different and great graphics and very attractive animations and scenes, and it is interesting to know that the story of the game also takes place in its gameplay, and the stages of the game take place in demonic and dark environments. The game has various stages and different styles and excellent graphics in proportion to its size, which we suggest you download and test.