Decipher Brain Test Mod Apk (unlimited tips) v2.2.0

Decipher Brain Test Mod Apk (unlimited tips, chapter) unlocked

Decipher Brain Test Mod Apk is one of the attractive Android arcade games that are suitable for all ages and you don’t need an internet connection to play it. The story of the game is that, you have to place the circles in the same direction and in the specified path on a point. In the beginning, everything is very simple, but gradually as you go to higher levels, everything becomes more difficult. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameDecipher Brain Test
DeveloperInfinity Games, Lda
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateAugust 16, 2022

Features of Decipher Brain Test Mod Apk:

  • Many challenges await you
  • Easy to learn and difficult to master
  • Relaxing and stress-free environment
  • New rings bring unique difficulties and combinations
  • Each level is a new puzzle
  • Physics-based gameplay
  • Amazing and appropriate voice acting
  • Unique and beautiful graphics

solve puzzles

In the higher stages, the number of circles and dots will increase and you will also face puzzles during the game that will challenge your mind. The wonderful sound and very good graphics of the game have multiplied its appeal for users and made it more popular among users and it has been downloaded and played more than several million times all over the world, if you are also a fan of relaxing games and You are unique, you will undoubtedly enjoy playing Decipher game immensely.

unique game, unique intellectual gameplay

From the well-known game studio Infinity Games, which in the past has introduced various titles in the puzzle style, now we have prepared a new and unique game in which you will see a unique intellectual gameplay, there is no doubt that with The new and unique game Decipher: The Brain Game can strengthen your thinking and challenge it with high intensity.

Every action creates a reaction

At first glance, everything is undoubtedly easy, but as you progress through the stages and see the different rings that are able to produce different effects, you will realize how difficult the levels are. Every action creates a reaction.

Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect can be your best friend or your worst enemy as it executes physics-based puzzles as you progress. You must decipher it to advance! If you need to increase your thinking and mental power and you are also a fan of puzzle and challenging games, there is no doubt that Decipher: The Brain Game can be the best!

harmony with each other

The game environment is a relaxing environment where everything is in harmony with each other; But be careful not to let this fit distract you from solving the puzzles of the game! The game has an easy but extremely addictive gameplay, and by including hundreds of different stages, it will surely bring you a different and special experience of puzzle games.

fan of puzzle game

If you are a fan of puzzle and intellectual games, Decipher: The Brain Game will definitely attract your attention with its wonderful design!