Deep Town Mining Factory Mod Apk (infinite money) v5.7.7

Deep Town Mining Factory Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Deep Town Mining Factory Mod Apk is the name of a strategy game that has innovative gameplay that has so far been able to attract the attention of most users who have downloaded the game from Google Play. The game is about a planet full of metal, in which you have to look for your own jewels and items with a robot, in which rocks will also be an obstacle in your way, and there are various ways to destroy them. is. The game is designed by Rockbite Games game studio, which has been released for free download on Google Play. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameDeep Town Mining Factory
DeveloperRockbite Games
Android Version Required4.1 and up
Last UpdateDecember 07, 2022

Features of Deep Town Mining Factory:

  • Ability to create a factory related to your work
  • A fictional game in the category of strategic games
  • Collect special metals to make tools
  • Ability to work with a different and versatile robot
  • Penetrate rocks and create passageways
  • Possibility of creating metal related industries
  • Addictive and engaging gameplay
  • Compatible with a variety of phones and tablets
  • Dig deep to discover extraordinary items
  • Build different and unique factories
  • Construction of buildings and resources came into play
  • Extraction of minerals and precious stones
  • Play individually and have fun with different stages
  • Unparalleled sound
  • Attractive and convenient graphics

This game, which has so far managed to get a score of 4.8 out of 5 in Google Play scoring, has an addictive gameplay in which you will be able to establish various factories with your robot and metal and tools to improve Design yourself in them. In order to get special metals and gold, you have to penetrate into the heart of large rocks, for which a solution has been considered for you, by which you will be able to find different ways for large rocks. Create your own. The game can be played offline.

In a word, this is an archeological game. On your digging journey, find caves and send search robots to see what is inside the earth and discover the hidden stories of your planet and Answer this question that has been on our minds for years: Where are we? This game is a great and unique game that is provided to you for free. This game is an excellent strategy game that enables you to be the best miner by using different elements and with the factory click mechanism. Dig. If you are interested in digging games, you will definitely love this game