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Defender Z Mod Apk is a zombie-oriented action game developed by DroidHen game studio, which leaves you in an uninhabited city but full of wild and terrifying zombies to defend this city and prove to everyone that you are the only defender. This city and you are its only survivor. A dangerous experiment has released a virus that has spread rapidly throughout cities and around the world, killing all people and turning them into bloodthirsty zombies who will taste nothing but human flesh. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameDefender Z
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateSeptember 18, 2022

Features of Defender Z Mod Apk:

  • Great graphics and exciting sound
  • Trying to survive in a city in crisis
  • Fight against the dangerous zombies created by the virus leak
  • Fight 26 different types of zombies
  • Powerful weapons: Bastion, Falcon, Spear, Phantom…
  • Research and learn various skills
  • Upgrade and evolution of weapons
  • More than 60 accessories

virus gradually lose People minds

People who are exposed to this virus gradually lose their minds and become extremely violent and aggressive. Their bodies are enlarged and resistant to violent and deadly blows. We call these creatures “Zombies”.

26 different types of zombies

In this game, the creators have included more than 26 different types of zombies that you have to fight with all of them who attack you in groups and with high intelligence. On the other hand, to deal with these deadly creatures, there are various weapons available that you can use to kill the zombies in the game. You can search in this game and learn different fighting skills.

survive until the last moment

You have to survive until the last moment and you have no other way because they will overthrow your base! The spread of a dangerous virus in the city has turned all humans into zombies! This virus has spread very quickly and has even spread to other cities in the world.

no longer human

If the virus penetrates into anyone’s body, it completely disrupts his intelligence and senses and gives him extraordinary power. Such a creature is no longer human.

destroy zombies one after another

It’s a zombie! There are a wide variety of different zombies in the game that you have to destroy all of them one after another! A variety of weapons and powerful combat equipment such as turrets and spears are at your disposal with which you can destroy zombies.