Defense Legend 4 Mod Apk (infinite gold) v1.0.51 Download

Defense Legend 4 Mod Apk (infinite gold) unlocked

Defense Legend 4 Mod Apk is the fourth game in the well-made and entertaining series of Defense Legend games from the Vietnamese GCenter studio, which is offered in the style of strategy for Android devices. As the next installment in the Games Defense Legend series, Defense Legend 4 offers players exciting new experiences. In this part, our defense system has advanced and modern equipment, and at the same time, the Dark Force has returned violently and brutally. In this part, the war between man and darkness was taken to a new extreme stage. In previous episodes, Human found a way to stop and defeat The Dark’s attacks. However, Dark has cunning plans that always change and develop after each failure. The maximum challenge is the followers of Defense Legend. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameDefense Legend 4
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateJanuary 13, 2022

Features of Defense Legend 4:

  • Two heroes fight directly. Players are supported fully from the superhero team equipped more modernly.
  • Upgrade strongly cannons, develop special skills.
  • Various territories such as deserts and forests and iced lands. Each kind of territories gives different challenges.
  • Various strategies such as air forces, land and underground…
  • A lot of modes

In Defense Legend 4 Sci-Fi Tower defense As the title suggests, you experience a sci-fi tower defense game. The focus of all games in this series is futuristic and fantasy battles in which giant robots go to battle with each other. The same approach is followed in the fourth part, and you have to take part in a post-future world where new and robotic warfare play a leading role in wars. The general style of the game is the same as all Tower Defense style games, but there are various other special features in Defense Legend 4: Sci-Fi Tower defense that are not found in many similar games.

According to the creator, if you do not use the right strategy in this game, there will be no news of victory. So you are not dealing with a simple game and you are facing a professional and challenging title. Your job is to use different defense forces against the enemies who want to destroy you. You must not let the enemies pass and you must build a stronghold to face the enemies by placing your defense forces correctly. For complete familiarity with the style and context of the game and the gameplay,