Dino Tamers Mod Apk (infinite resources) v2.13 Download

Dino Tamers Mod Apk (infinite resources) unlocked

Dino Tamers Mod Apk An adventure game It is from Foxie Ventures game development studio, Welcome to Arcadia, the last hope of humanity. Enter a world full of dinosaurs. As a dinosaur trainer with friends and online players around the world, pick and train prehistoric Jurassic animals and fight side by side. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameDino Tamers
DeveloperFoxie Ventures
Android Version Required4.0+
Last UpdateDecember 03, 2020

Features of Dino Tamers:

  • Different types of prehistoric dinosaurs
  • Excellent and exciting sound for any environment and any creature
  • Excellent graphics
  • Detailed design
  • Possibility of domestication of dinosaurs
  • A variety of challenges to gain new skills for your dinosaurs
  • Steps and missions to discover dinosaur DNA and change DNA to make change in dinosaurs
  • You can move freely in all large game environments or fly with dinosaurs
  • Ability to play multiplayer and online for adventure

Explore the world and when you reach deadly animals, sneak in and get close to your favorite dinosaurs without being noticed. Use tall trees, meadows, and plants to pass by wild carnivores such as Raptors, Spinasurs, and Trex roaming the Acardia. Evolve your favorite dinosaur and unlock great new features like wings and get ready to ride a spin and take part in pvp battles.

Once you have sorted out the deadly animals, they are with you to saddle up and discover a new dangerous world. Sit on your own dinosaur and watch the smaller creatures that are terrified! Here is a system that allows you to get close to your favorite dinosaurs without being noticed. Use trees, meadows and tall plants to pass deadly carnivores roaming the Arcadia. Improve your dinosaur skills and earn points through challenging missions.