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Do It Later Apk Auto SMS Message, Text Scheduled Is a messaging automation application that helps you automatically send text messages in the future, scheduled emails, auto-post on social media, job reminders, and more. Made by Kant. With this program, you will not forget other things such as sending emails, taking notes, etc., all you have to do is set your text inside this program and set the sending time, or create a specific time interval for sending messages. You can even schedule repetitions on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis, or customize repetitions for yourself. You can also set messages for multiple recipients. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameDo It Later
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateMarch 16, 2023

Features of Do It Later Apk:

  • Auto send
  • Scheduled – Send text messages to recipients automatically at a later time. Scheduled time can be exact or within a time range.
  • Mass text messaging (bulk sender) – Send a single message to multiple recipients. The app supports many variables like {NAME}, {TIME}, {LOCATION}… to help you send different message content for each recipient.
  • Flexible recurring options (e.g. every 5 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly…)
  • Countdown before sending – Give you a chance to cancel the massage at sending time.
  • Template – You can reuse your most frequently sent messages by saving them as templates.
  • No matter your use case, Do It Later has a multitude of ways for you to automate your text messages.
  • Please notice that we don’t support Whatsapp scheduling due to technical limitations.
  • Auto Reply
  • Auto-reply text messages for incoming text messages and missed calls. Your message will be responded automatically without lifting a finger.
  • Allow you to get back to your friends or customers within seconds or in a delay time.
  • Very simple to turn On/Off auto-reply with a single touch.
  • Choose what time the app should send your reply. This feature is useful when you’re out of business hours.
  • Reply to specific contacts.
  • Reply if detect keywords of the incoming message (start with, end with, contains)
  • Set reply rule for each contact (e.g reply once, stop after 3 times, pause for 1 hour…)
  • Reply with phone location.
  • We support groups, Do It Later can send auto reply to any groups in your messaging app.
  • Support SMS and all popular social messaging apps.
  • Reminder
  • You won’t believe it, but the app supports talking reminders which remind you by speaking aloud your own text.
  • Need to remember someone to call? You can easily set up a phone call reminder and Do It Later will remind you on time.
  • Create a fake incoming call
  • Simulates a fake caller to rescue yourself from awkwardness like annoying conversation, boring meeting…
  • You can create a fake incoming call for Phone, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram.

As mentioned, Do It Later is a very useful program that you can use to schedule different tasks . The program can automatically send the specified text messages with full support for dual-SIM phones. Emails and messages on social networks can also be timed with the help of the program. You can also schedule various other tasks to be performed automatically.

The app will consume a small amount of your battery and will not interfere with your daily activities. The program will notify you by displaying a notification if the scheduling operations are successful. In the reminders that you set, you can also use a text message as well as paste different images.