Dont Party Pixel Z Mod Apk (unlimited brain, blood) v1.0.330

Dont Party Pixel Z Mod Apk (unlimited energy, blood) unlocked

Dont Party Pixel Z Mod Apk Pixel Zombies is another fantasy and interesting game from the Chinese studio Wingjoy Games, which is made in a simulation style and is available for free on Google Play. Dont Party Pixel Z is a strange game with a different and unique approach. Wingjoy Games Studio is famous for making games with special attitudes and this title is one of the most important ones. In fact, it should be said that the creator of this game has tried to present a new and special process by presenting a very complex story and characterizations that contradict the common standards, so that he can attract more players who are looking for diversity. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameDont Party Pixel Z
DeveloperWingjoy Games
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateDecember 28, 2021

Features of Dont Party Pixel Z:

  • Plan accordingly and surprise your enemy to achieve victory.
  • Put your “brains” together to wipe out “Ignis Industries”.
  • Assemble a zombie team to unlock more zombies and become stronger!
  • “Ignis Industries” won’t stand a chance before our mighty “avengers”!
  • Roadside Settlements, River Resorts, Car Motels, Rainy Jails…
  • The world is your head-shaped oyster!
  • Install Crimson Cores and Siphonators, or build Blood Vials to upgrade your Blood Pool!
  • See the glimmering purple specks in the blood? That’s stardust.
  • With untold wealth and an unknown past, the “Council of Five” rule the world:
  • Face the zombie wrath!

Game Dont Party Pixel Z It tells the story of a great chaos. For some reason, the game developer has decided to use a complex story for the main scenario of the game. The story is about a big company called Ignis Industries, which after a great economic crisis in the world with a big army, has controlled this chaos and, apparently, has made the world calm and peaceful. Behind the scenes, the company is carrying out secret and dangerous acts against humanity in order to take control of all human beings.

You play the role of an employee of this company and when you notice the evil plans of this company, you run away from it and look for a way to stop them. After some effort, you will work with people who agree with you and want to stop the activities of Ignis Industries. You use your Ignis Industries technology against them. This technology is a biological process by which zombie-like humans are created. Now you have access to this technology and built an army of zombies to help you stop Ignis Industries.