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Draconian Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Draconian Mod Apk Action Platformer 2D Heavy Penalty is a very beautiful and attractive action platformer game with two-dimensional retro designs called pixel designs, which is based on the classic games of the 90’s. The game was created by a fledgling and unnamed studio called Winterdreams and published for free on Google Play. This game is the first official project of this studio. The general nature of this game and its structural features are made exactly according to the retro games of the 90’s. This approach of the creators has made this game Particularly attractive to players of previous generations. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateApril 27, 2022

Features of Draconian Mod Apk:

  • Retro pixel art graphics and handcrafted animations.
  • 4 different regions with various enemies.
  • 5 epic bosses.
  • Story-driven gameplay experience.
  • Upgrade special skills to improve your combat abilities.
  • An epic fantasy world with an epic main story and many side stories.
  • Secret chests in very secret corners waiting to be found.
  • Easy and functional touch controls.
  • Gamepad / Controller support

Draconian: Action Platformer 2D It tells an epic and, of course, largely clichéd story. In this game, you are in an ancient world in the role of a young man who is forced to discover a strange truth to go to dangerous areas in deadly lands. In this adventurous journey, you will go to different places and you will encounter many characters and of course many enemies. There will be many challenges and threats in your way, for example, stubborn and dangerous enemies and deadly traps that you have to act accurately and quickly to cross.

Draconian game: Action Platformer 2D is a fascinating and entertaining platformer that has both an interesting story and entertaining content in the gameplay section, because a variety of challenges and missions await you. The creator of the game has presented a gameplay video as a trailer video for the introduction of the game, and has shown its graphic and gameplay features well, and we also recommend that you watch this video before downloading the game to get well with the features. And get acquainted with the features of this fun game.