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Drag Battle 2 Mod Apk (infinite prize) unlocked

Drag Battle 2 Mod Apk Race Wars the second official game of the series Popular and well-Drag Battle of studio Russian Ice Storm in the style of racing (racing) the competitive type of drag (Drag) It was created and released after the popularity of the first part, Drag Battle Racing, which was renamed Drag Battle after the release of the second part. If you are familiar with the famous Racing style games, especially Drag style games, you will surely know the best titles in this field well. Maybe the Drag Battle game series is still more popular than games like CSR Racing or Forza Street may not be popular, but it should be noted that among the dozens of different Drag style games, the Drag Battle franchise is one of the best. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameDrag Battle 2
DeveloperIce Storm
Android Version Required7.0
Last UpdateOctober 01, 2022

Features of Drag Battle 2:

  • Choose any model from the huge car collection and create a real racing drag monster
  • Discover your talent as a tuner and advanced drag mechanic
  • Once you win a drag battle, you get a box that may contain money, boosters, and parts cards
  • Don’t forget to turn on turbo mode to keep your rival behind. Use the spares to the max
  • For connoisseurs of beautiful things, we prepared professional tuning and a lot of styling elements that will allow you to make your automobile unique and inimitable
  • Compete with real players from all over the world online in our drag simulator absolutely free
  • Fascinating online championships with a variety of regulations, all kinds of gaming activities, simulation tracks and tasks will plunge you into the drag racing universe
  • Join clans, look at other players’ cars, request spare parts, unique cards and chat about how best to tune up your suspension or transmission. Confident in yourself? Then create your own outlaw’s clan.
  • We improve the game every day

Drag Battle 2 Race Wars is a very interesting and entertaining game in the style of Drag racing, the main idea of ​​which is undoubtedly from the series of CSR Racing games, especially CSR Classics.Has been removed. In this game, you step into the world of exciting and breathtaking competitions and you must use all your efforts to succeed in these competitions. In fact, success in these competitions depends on two different parts, the first part depends on your car and the second part will challenge your skills in drag races.

There are all kinds of modern, super sports and classic cars in Drag Battle 2: Race Wars, all of which are based on real models. The upgrade, personalization, customization and car management section of Drag 2 is very good and professional, and you will have access to a huge number of items to do so. Notable features of Drag Battle 2: Race Wars include high graphics and details. This graphic is accompanied by several optimizations so that the final product has an acceptable volume relative to the content.