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Draw Climber Mod Apk (unlimited money) unlocked

Draw Climber Mod Apk An arcade game from VOODOO game development studio, as the main character of the story, you have to draw any painting you want to draw your movement path. This means that you have to stretch your legs to complete a step and win the race. Once stuck, you can draw another shape to cross it. Move and win from different directions by climbing or descending the stairs and crossing the precipice. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameDraw Climber
Android Version Required4.4+
Last UpdateDecember 14, 2022

Features of Draw Climber:

  • Attractive gameplay
  • Existence of various stages
  • Excellent sound and graphics
  • Guide the character with painting
  • Excellent touch control

In Draw Climber You will only be able to specify the size and shape of the cubic foot, which you must do at the beginning of the game by dragging (painting) on ​​the screen of your device. This is where strategy comes into play. Clearly, different foot shapes can perform differently in different situations and be more or less effective in overcoming obstacles. While there are a wide variety of steps, there are plenty of options available to you in the game, and wherever you feel you need to change the cube foot, you can easily pull a new foot that is more suitable for you.

you have to be careful despite the fact that the deformation of the cube’s foot, like the replacement of the wheels of Formula One cars, happens quickly, after this deformation, a speed drop occurs in the movement of the cube. Since the race length of each stage is usually less than 30 seconds, this speed drop can be extremely decisive. In some stages of the game, the deformation of the cube foot is clearly visible, and to overcome certain obstacles, you need to do this, and at the beginning of the stage, you can do this deformation, but in some stages, this deformation is not clear, and so on.