Earthquake Network Pro Apk (all unlocked) v12.5.28

Earthquake Network Pro Apk (all unlocked) Download

Earthquake Network Pro Apk Realtime alerts is a vital and very important tool for owners of smartphones equipped with Android operating system, by which they can be informed about the occurrence of heavy earthquakes that form around your residence and take the necessary measures. To save their lives. This application, written by the development team Futura Innovation SRL. can be boldly described as one of the best news programs related to underground events, which is very accurate in detecting heavy earthquakes and those who use this program. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameEarthquake Network Pro
DeveloperFutura Innovation SRL
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateJune 16, 2022

Features of Earthquake Network Pro Apk:

  • Real-time earthquake detection using a smartphone network
  • Display earthquake warning just seconds before it occurs
  • User reports of felt earthquakes
  • Automatically send emails and text messages with your geographical coordinates when an earthquake is detected
  • Collection of earthquake data from national and international seismic networks
  • Chats to exchange information during an earthquake
  • Earthquake announcements via synthesizer
  • Earthquake alert if your smartphone vibrates
  • Earthquake illustration using augmented reality
  • Priority in chat during earthquake emergencies
  • This program is provided to you without annoying ads

Realtime Earthquake alerts

Earthquake Network Pro – Realtime alerts let you receive real-time earthquake alerts detected by the network. It is interesting to note that when an earthquake is detected in real time near your location, the app can automatically send SMS and email to the contact list. This in itself is admirable and can be useful for saving without the need for user interaction with the program.

request for help

Also, by using the capabilities of this application software, you can easily send a request for help or you can say that you are fine with just one click. It is worth mentioning that this application also shows information about earthquakes detected by national and international seismic networks. In general, with the easy user interface of this Android application, you can easily be informed about earthquakes and inform your friends.

prevent post-earthquake accidents

The information received through the Geophysical Organization of different countries will be sent to this program and the program will display them on your phone. If you do not have access to your mobile phone at that time, you can receive information on your email and prevent post-earthquake accidents for yourself, family and friends. This program is made specifically for a project of the same name and will be able to detect earthquakes that occur at a depth of 5 to 10 km and warn you of them.