Eden The Game Mod Apk (infinite gold, silver, spin) v2022.5

Eden The Game Mod Apk (infinite gold, silver, spin) unlocked

Eden: The Game Mod Apk An role-playing game It is from Channel 4 Television Corporation, which has been released for free in the Android Market. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. First you have to build a shelter for yourself and then create a warehouse, kitchen, workshop, etc. in your camp. Determine the decoration of the camp yourself and build different buildings in it or upgrade them and make it more beautiful by building the path of the statue and so on. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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You need to buy the “Game Lodge building or Game Hall / Casino” to get infinite Spins

Game info

NameEden The Game
DeveloperChannel 4 Television Corporation
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateSeptember 23, 2022

Features of Eden The Game:

  • Construction of shelter, warehouse, kitchen, workshop, etc.
  • Decorate your camp, upgrade buildings, add routes and more
  • Keeping pigs, chickens and cattle
  • Management of limited community resources
  • Create new tools and items
  • Attract new members to help grow
  • Share your progress with friends

You can also keep animals such as pigs, chickens and cattle in your camp and manage your limited resources such as water, agricultural products, meat, fish, wood, stone. Do camping, cooking, fishing, etc. with your campers and create new items and tools to improve camp productivity, as well as help camp campers survive the cold Scottish climate during the changing seasons.

You are able to beautify your camp according to your taste and use different elements. Hundreds of usable items in the game are designed so that you are always managing the moment of this game. You can also help feed yourself and your people by building farms and finding rivers and wetlands for fishing. As the leader of this group, you are responsible for the lives and health of these people, and any carelessness can lead to damage to the camp and your people.