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Evo Pop Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Evo Pop Mod Apk is an interesting, minimalist and very entertaining game from the tasteful and creative studio ZeptoLab, the creator of the popular Cut the Rope game series or popular games such as CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars , King of Thieves , Om Nom : Run and Robotics. If you are already familiar with the popular ZeptoLab Studio games, you will probably soon understand the Evo Pop design language. The style and context of the overall design of this game is quite similar to other titles of this English game studio, and its shape and image will be very familiar to those who have experienced the previous games of this company. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameEvo Pop
Android Version Required6.0 and up
Last UpdateApril 01, 2022

Features of Evo Pop Mod Apk:

  • Fight against MULTIPLE ENEMIES: A three-way brawl for you to come on top of!
  • Enjoy a FUN PHYSICS-BASED GAMEPLAY: Control the creatures by using different spells on them.
  • UPGRADE & EVOLVE: Each Evo breed has unique skills, such as jumping or sliding downhill. These properties can be upgraded to make your Evos even stronger.
  • PLAN A STRATEGY: Evos interact with the environment and eat grass, flowers and bugs to multiply faster. Fight for strategic resources on the map to win!
  • Discover DOZENS OF WORLDS: Evo Pop features multiple worlds with unique design elements and physics, making the gameplay fresh every time.

you will realize a main and common point, and that is the use of realistic laws of physics in making games. This is exactly the case in Ivo Pop, and it must be said that the main basis of this game is designed exactly according to the physical principles, and to succeed in it, you must proceed with logic and using the laws of physics. This sentence may seem a bit strange and difficult, but on the contrary, Ivo Pop game has a simple and minimalist structure that at the peak of simplicity, a realistic gameplay has been used for it in the best possible way.

In Evo Pop You are in the role of creatures called Evos, which are known for their structural features. Evos are similar to single-celled organisms but larger in size. One of the most important capabilities of these creatures is the ability to multiply and grow rapidly. These creatures live in their own colonies and are always involved with other Evos.