Factory Inc Mod Apk (unlocked) v2.3.58 For Android

Factory Inc Mod Apk (unlocked) For Android

Factory Inc Mod Apk It is an attractive Android simulation game created and published by menghuangu inc game development studio, from which we have seen other interesting games so far. Android click games are very popular among users and you can easily enjoy playing these games. This great title is also one of these games in which you become the head of your factory. You will have a very large factory in hand and you can buy all kinds of equipment and devices to produce all kinds of products and earn more profit by selling more. get the mod version from ApkDip.

Factory Inc unlocked

As mentioned, Factory Inc. It is a very attractive simulation game for Android that you can manage your factory by installing and running it. This big factory will belong to you and you have to make a good income from it. So you start working and you set up the production line devices and machines. Then you produce a variety of products for different customers and you can earn better by selling more. By playing the game, you will fill your time well by clicking and you will hire the best managers to manage the different parts of the factory, so that even when you are out of the game, everything will be done well.

Factory Inc Mod

You have to do your best to expand your factory and as a worthy manager, use the best management using precise planning and special strategies so that you can upgrade the factory day by day and by hiring experts to Expand your business with other product segments, earning more money and generating more points for your factory. If you feel that you are a loved one who can manage a factory in the best way and use your program and strategies.

Factory Inc Hack

Features of Factory Inc:

  • Ability to use automatic devices to automatically produce products
  • Possibility to hire internal managers for different parts of the factory
  • Ability to produce and sell more than 90 types of products, including cars, digital devices, etc.
  • Interesting and fancy designs
  • Ability to experience managing a factory as a boss
  • It has great and creative graphics
  • Upgrade your cars and produce different products
  • You are the head of a factory that can do anything
  • Expand your business and make more money
  • 20 types of machines that have general class capabilities
  • Sell ​​a company system to maximize profits
  • The game can be run offline
  • More than 90 products such as furniture, smartphones and cars
  • Hire different managers with unique abilities

Game info

NameFactory Inc
Developermenghuangu inc
Android Version Required4.1+
Last UpdateMay 22, 2022


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