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Faraway Galactic Escape Mod Apk where challenging puzzles and a new environment called Galactic Escape take you into unexpected twists in the story Made by Snapbreak. The sixth sequel to the epic journey will awaken the sense of adventure, challenge your mind, and bring you the ability to solve puzzles. Although the story of this game has a certain excitement and fear, but the whole game is very relaxing. Places and locations of Faraway: Galactic Escape are very attractive and spectacular and make the players feel calm and happy instead of stressed. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameFaraway Galactic Escape
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateSeptember 03, 2021

Features of Faraway Galactic Escape:

  • Follow the brave Alison, because she finally reached Faraway.
  • The pressure of time, the new environment, and the commitment to save the family push him to the limit, but he also realizes that there are more new and unknown places.
  • Enjoy the beautiful soundtrack and eye-catching design and beautiful coloring that immerses you in the story.
  • Embark on a completely new and breathtaking galactic journey that takes you to remote places.
  • Attractive sights from unknown parts of the world ..
  • Take a journey through 18 new fascinating escape puzzle levels in a 3D environment that will fascinate you from the start of the game.
  • Explore the surroundings, find hidden notes and learn the story behind it.
  • Collect all the notes and learn the expected truth about Faraway’s location, its roots and purpose. No truth has been told.
  • You learn what got the Alison family involved in the Faraway adventure.

In Faraway Galactic Escape This time you are stuck in a galaxy on a remote and unknown planet. Your task is to find the escape route as soon as possible, otherwise your destruction will be over. In order to escape, you have to do dozens of thought and puzzle puzzles. Each puzzle is different from the other and has its own unique mechanism. It can even be said that none of the puzzles in this series of games are similar.

This is the case in the remote game: Escape from the Galaxy, and you must try to escape to Earth in an unknown and mysterious world that seems to be ruled by an advanced civilization of aliens. It’s challenging, fun and awesome. The game designs are very well done and the 3D graphics of this game look good. To play this game, we recommend that you be in a good position and not in a crowded place; Because you need concentration and calm to play this game.