Fast Fighter Racing to Revenge Mod Apk (infinite money) v1.1.4

Fast Fighter Racing to Revenge Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Fast Fighter Racing to Revenge Mod Apk is an interesting and well-made game with a simple yet exciting idea that was created and developed for free. The creator of this game is the Vietnamese studio GCenter. Fast Fighter Racing to Revenge is generally based on the famous game Fastlane: Road to Revenge It is modeled and imitated. Even if you pay attention to the names of these two games, you will notice the similarities between them. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameFast Fighter Racing to Revenge
Android Version Required4.1 and up
Last UpdateMay 18, 2022

Features of Fast Fighter Racing to Revenge:

  • Race, shoot and terminate all opponents while accelerating on the road.
  • Avoid unexpected obstacles on the race-track before fighting against infamous evil bosses.
  • Earn lots of coins while racing to upgrade your racer and equipment.
  • Own a collection of unique car.
  • Fight against enemies at a very high speed.
  • Confront with the dangerous bosses.
  • Overcome many obstacles and traps and impeders.
  • Upgrade your racer and weapons to pass or destroy opponents’ racers and keep your racer safe on the race-track.
  • Lots of equipment and companions while fighting.
  • Best free Racing and Shooting combo game ever.

In Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge A sci-fi and futuristic story is used. According to this story, the world will progress more than expected in the future and one of the biggest advances will be made in the field of artificial intelligence. This progress is so great that it is out of human control. Now the artificial intelligence of various devices such as intelligent robots has increased so much that they can think for themselves like humans.

The most powerful and intelligent of these robots, by taking command of other robots, unite them against humans, and then artificial intelligence and robots become the biggest enemy of humans. Robots begin to build weapons and war machines, and on the other hand, launch various attacks on different parts of the earth. You are in the role of a group of heroes who know how to deal with these robots. Your main goal is to reach the command center point and destroy the central system and the main boss of the robots.