Fatys Different World Mod Apk (gold, skill, all job) v1.09

Fatys Different World Mod Apk (gold, skill, all job) unlocked

Fatys Different World Mod Apk is the first official project of the Chinese studio DearSky Studio in the style of adventure games (Adventure), which was released for free for Android devices. The style of the game, as mentioned, is from the category of adventure titles, but the nature of the gameplay is similar to role-playing titles (RPG). You control the main character of the game from the third person view and you can move the desired character freely. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameFatys Different World
DeveloperDearSky Studio
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateAugust 28, 2022

Features of Fatys Different World Mod Apk:

  • Farm, Fish, Adventure.
  • Equipment enhance, forge, enchant.
  • Potion synthesis.
  • Learn and upgrade skills.
  • Make friends and build your team.
  • Get titles.

many areas to explore

Although this game cannot be called an open world title, there are many areas that can be explored in the game and you have the ability to go to different places in the game. The creator of the game has also said this point in the introduction description that players are able to roam freely in Fatys Different World.

Final Fantasy Style gameplay

At first glance, the appearance of the game will probably remind you of famous games, including the FINAL FANTASY game series. The style and style of the characterizations and modeling of the game are similar to these types of games. The world of this game is fantasy and cartoon, but it has charms and interesting points.

6 different characters

Fatys Different World game It is a fun and funny adventure but at the same time challenging and even epic. The game has 6 different characters, including warriors named Warrior, Archer, Poisoner, Mage, Summoner and Assassin, each of which has special and unique characteristics. Some of these characters need to be unlocked.

Defeat Demon King

The story of the game takes place in a beautiful land that has been captured by a demonic force called the Demon King. You have a duty to prevent the victory of the enemy forces before this land is destroyed. To do this risky mission, you enter into a dangerous adventure and you have to do a lot of things.

Break the monotony

The game Fatys Different World has tried to a great extent to provide many features to break the monotony. For example, in a part of the game, you can engage in agriculture and produce food products and trade to earn money. In another part of the game, you can buy, build and upgrade weapons to be ready for the upcoming battles.

colorful graphic

The graphic designs of the game are simple but colorful and eye-catching. 3D modeling and very good environmental details have made this game much higher than the standard level of usual games. To learn more about the features of this game, you can watch its trailer video or screenshots.