Forgotten Hill Tales Mod Apk (infinite hint) v2.2.5 Download

Forgotten Hill Tales Mod Apk (infinite hint) unlocked

Forgotten Hill Tales Mod Apk is another well-made and popular game from the Forgotten Hill series of the Italian studio FM-STUDIO, which, like other previous games, is available for free and is available for Android players on Google Play. Located around the world. So if you enjoyed the Forgotten Hill series of games, we introduce another of these games to you friends. This game, just like other parts of the Forgotten Village game, has a completely mysterious theme and tells an enigmatic and mysterious story. According to the game’s creator, Forgotten Hill Tales is a spin-off of previous stories but is known as a game with a unique story. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameForgotten Hill Tales
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateMay 14, 2022

Features of Forgotten Hill Tales:

  • Challenging puzzles and riddles
  • Strange new characters that expands the world of Forgotten Hill
  • Twisted plot that unveil new strange events happened in Forgotten Hill
  • Our innovative hint system: if you are stuck watch a video to get help
  • All text translated into 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Russian

Game Forgotten Hill Tales The narrator of several different stories. One of them relates to a boy and his grandfather who had a bitter and difficult past. This bitter past has caused the boy to live in a small wooden hut outside the city due to the unknown. After a long time, he finally finds the opportunity to go out into the world and perhaps discover the bitter truth of the past. The next story is about a work of art in the form of a strange painting located in a distant country.

You want to travel to this country in the role of the main character and discover and possess this mysterious work of art. The third story is about a kind old woman who specializes in baking delicious cakes. But there is something strange about this old woman that made her look mysterious and strange. The last story is about a young man who is sent on a special journey one day by his master to do something special for him. All these stories are followed in the form of different adventures and each of them has different characteristics, characterizations and events.