Gangster Squad Mod Apk (infinite diamond, gold) v2.0.4

Gangster Squad Mod Apk (infinite diamond, gold) unlocked

Gangster Squad Mod Apk Origins is a small and fun Android game in the style of action games, which was made and published by LinKing game development studio, and you can enjoy playing with it on your Android device! What makes Gangster Squad – Origins more fun and challenging, though, is that the variety of characters on both sides is great and good. In addition, during this game you will face more than 50 bosses who are bigger, more professional and more dangerous and you will experience more difficult challenges. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameGangster Squad
Android Version Required4.1 and up
Last UpdateSeptember 23, 2020

Features of Gangster Squad:

  • Easy to control and play
  • comprehensive street stories with various maps.
  • Fantastic start moves and stunning combo if desired.
  • Fight 50+ bosses and waves of street mischief.
  • Large and powerful pets to help you.
  • Collect unique weapons in different seasons.
  • A variety of missions, daily missions and rewards.

Be a skilled street legend in the world and enjoy the incredible war experience in the gangster team. In this classic style RPG, you will take part in exciting street battles, get hidden maps to get the best weapons, take care of your health potion, go through all the levels and live and win fierce battles. Is back. The streets are full of unknowns and uncertainties, you can create your legend by taking the wisest step!

In Gangster Squad – Origins This time you are not as heroic characters who have rebelled against evil people, but as characters and members of a gang that lives in a criminal world and is at war with other gang groups. You, as the best and most skilled person in a gang, have been tasked to defeat the enemies and drive them out of your territory. To do this, you have to travel to different places and face many enemies.