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Gear Enigmas Mod Apk is the name of a very beautiful and entertaining game in the style of puzzles and riddles, which is made and designed by the Chinese studio HunDong Studio for free but with in-app payments, and is available on Google Play for Android devices. The studio had already released other games for the Android operating system, all of which were puzzling in nature. Gear Enigmas, however, is a turning point in the company’s games, as more time, cost and energy have been used to build and publish it. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameGear Enigmas
DeveloperHunDong Studio
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateApril 06, 2022

Features of Gear Enigmas:

  • Hand-painted in punk style, take you to experience the charm of steampunk world.
  • Rich and interesting puzzles, the double collision of wisdom and imagination.
  • Different styles of sound effects, wearing your headphones, it’s a special immersive experience
  • Complicated and confusing plot, unexpected but reasonable.
  • Well-designed dialogue. Following the substantial dialogue and capturing vivid character designs.

This game is actually an interesting and exciting collection of various puzzles with different mechanisms that have been collected in the form of a game and are professionally related to each other. So, if you are a fan of puzzle and riddle games and you want to challenge your mind, then join in introducing this beautiful game.

Gear Enigmas claims to be the creator of a puzzle adventure in which all parts are hand-drawn. The story of the game is about a young boy named Carl who is an industrial appliance mechanic. One day, while doing his normal work, he notices something interesting. He has an old puzzle similar to the Jumanji game, Which belongs to his grandfather. This puzzle hides many facts about this house and Carl’s grandfather, but it also creates dangers.