Ghosts And Apples Mobile Mod Apk (unlimited apples) v1.2.0

Ghosts And Apples Mobile Mod Apk (unlimited apples) unlocked

Ghosts and Apples Mobile Mod Apk is the name of a puzzle and brain teaser game developed by Refold AB game studio for $1.99 Released for mobile devices with Android operating system. Refold AB game development studio is one of the Android game development studios that Ghosts and Apples Mobile is in fact their only game in this market. Ghosts and Apples Mobile was originally made for the Nintendo console, and after welcoming gamers, the developers decided to make the game available for mobile devices as well. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameGhosts And Apples Mobile
DeveloperRefold AB
Android Version Required4.1
Last UpdateMarch 01, 2022

But in general, the gameplay is such that you in the role of “Jack” have to catch a series of balloon ghosts with your own rope and drop them in the columns that are located on both sides of the screen of your device. Balloon ghosts are colorful games and you have to put 3 souls of one color together to burst so that you get apples, points and keys and can go to the next steps.

This puzzle game, which has a very beautiful and eye-catching graphic atmosphere and a strange atmosphere and a series of captivating soundtracks, puts you in the role of “Jack”. “Jack” is a doll trapped in a large mansion called the “House of Frantic Pictures”. You enter this mansion and are captured by the ghostly paintings of the mansion and enter the image world that exists in the mansions. Since it is not very interesting to get caught up in the images of ghostly paintings, you should try to save yourself by solving various puzzles and get out of the paintings.

Play Ghosts and Apples Mobile It has simple puzzle gameplay. But this simplicity should not deceive you. The game campaign consists of more than 70 unique, handmade and creative stages, the difficulty of which becomes more and more step by step. The game has a short tutorial that will teach you almost everything you need to do in the game. The first stages of the game are simple and it is clear that they are designed to acquaint you with how to play and have a “warm hand” mode in the native language.