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Grandpa and Granny 3 Mod Apk Death Hospital Horror Game a game in the genre of adventure by the WildGamesNet game development studio has been released for mobile devices with Android operating system. Grandpa and Granny series is an exciting and popular series in the horror genre, and Grandpa and Granny 3: Death Hospital Horror Game is the third game in this series. In Grandpa and Granny 3: Death Hospital Horror Game, you embark on a new scary adventure and try to save yourself from a mental hospital where you are trapped. When you first enter the game, you can choose the difficulty level yourself. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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NameGrandpa And Granny 3
Android Version Required4.1
Last UpdateJuly 06, 2021

Features of Grandpa And Granny 3:

  • Escaping from the hospital is a challenging task as all the entrances and exits are blocked
  • Multiple puzzles, the restless grandpa and granny, Mister Dog, and lots of psychos
  • Find one of the four escape options and run away
  • Move quietly, stay hidden, look for objects, and use everything you see on your way to help you escape

Unfortunately, this game does not have a specific training stage or section that you can understand what to do and how to progress in the game. But you can try Ghost Mode to get acquainted with the game and learn the mechanisms and controls. In this mode, you become invisible and hide from the enemies on the game map, and you can easily go anywhere and do whatever you want. You can then exit this mode and select other modes. This is certainly not the best way for gamers to get acquainted with the game, and the developers could have done better in this regard.

In Grandpa and Granny 3: Death Hospital Horror Game You are in the role of a psychiatric hospital guard. When you leave your guard room for work, you realize that you can no longer return to it. Now, your whole goal is to try to survive the predicament you are in. Grandparents move freely in the hospital, and you should try not to get caught or killed. Even though you are a guard, not all hospital doors are open for you to go anywhere you want.