Grimguard Tactics Mod Apk (infinite money) v0.9.12 Download

Grimguard Tactics Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Grimguard Tactics Mod Apk End of Legends is a very interesting and well-made game from New Zealand studio Outerdawn Limited in a combination of strategic and role-playing style. This game is made completely free but has in-app payments. Grimguard Tactics: End of Legends is a strategy-based role-playing game whose main elements in the gameplay are in the style of turn-based tactical games. The general focus of this game is related to group tactical battles. The theme and appearance of the game, like many other similar titles in strategic and role-playing styles, is related to the story of epic and mythical battles in an imaginary and unreal world. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameGrimguard Tactics
DeveloperOuterdawn Limited
Android Version Required5.0 and up
Last UpdateApril 06, 2022

Features of Grimguard Tactics Mod Apk:

  • Recruit the most legendary of heroes with unique perks, abilities, factions, and bonus stats. Level Up, Upgrade Gear and Ascend your Heroes to battle the forces of the evil Primorva!
  • Customize your raiding party with Heroes that provide powerful synergy bonuses. Craft your team with Heroes from different roles such as Assault, Tanks, and Support and create the perfect squad!
  • Challenging Boss fights, enemies of different alignments, and even corrupted Heroes stand in your way. Put your skills to the test and vanquish your foes!
  • Unlock and Upgrade buildings in your own personal town. Manage your resources, train your Heroes, and defend against the darkness from inside of Holdfast, the last bastion of humanity.
  • Featuring unique tactical gameplay that is easy to play, but tough to master. Use devastating combos and strategic maneuvers to change the tides of combat!
  • If you’re busy, feel free to activate autoplay to easily grind out missions!

In Grimguard Tactics: End of LegendsLike dozens of similar games that are similar in graphics, appearance, content and gameplay, you are in the role of the leader of a legendary and mythical group that has to take part in breathtaking battles in a violent and imaginative world. This violent world has fantasy heroes different from humans, elves and other mythical creatures. You can form a special group, collect your special heroes and go to exciting battles. As mentioned, these battles are tactical and turn-based games.

A world whose heroes are strange creatures, and in general, it should be said that the main theme of this game is designed in the style of Dark Fantasy, which in general can be considered one of its strengths. Therefore, you should be well acquainted with the style and context of a role-based game and use the ability of each character in the best way. Your pieces are characters and heroes that you unlock during the game and join your group. So obviously you have to look for the best to make your team stronger than others.