Ground Digger Mod Apk (unlimited free prize) v2.4.0

Ground Digger Mod Apk (unlimited free prize) unlocked Download

Ground Digger Mod Apk Another fun game from the French studio HOMA GAAMES is the creator of games such as Idle World , Sky Roller, Freeze Rider or Prison Wreck, Ground Digger: Lava Hole Drill game has a completely entertaining nature and its general features are just like similar games in this genre. This game is published in Casual style, but the elements used in it are management and clicker games. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameGround Digger
Android Version Required5.1
Last UpdateAugust 31, 2022

Features of Ground Digger Mod Apk:

  • BUILD your drilling machine to dig down in the ground and collect gems and other treasures (skulls, robots, infinity stones…) !
  • FIND the hidden keys to unlock secret zones and buried chests !
  • UNLOCK powerful boosters to progress faster (dynamite, mini-bots, unlimited fuel, giant digger…)
  • UPGRADE your drill parts (wheels, fuel tank, drill size…) to dig even deeper !
  • CUSTOMISE your machine by buying new skins & color looks + CREATE your very own mini-bots army !
  • EXPLORE sand, ice, lava biome… dig through all the layers to reach the Center of the Earth !

story and complex games

Therefore it can be said that this game is a clicker-hobby title that is simple, creative and fun at the same time, and it is a suitable option for people who do not want to get involved in common, story and complex games, and on the other hand The process should not be time consuming and difficult.

Ground Digger: Lava Hole Drill According to the creator, it is a digging game or a game in the style of drilling. It may be interesting to know that due to the increase of this type of games, a new style has been created from the subset of fun and entertaining games known as (drilling style games).

dig the ground

Ground Digger: Lava Hole Drill is one of these games and your goals in this game are like most other games in the same genre, and that is to dig the ground and move towards its depth. In this game, you are in charge of a drilling machine that, despite its simple, small and even funny appearance, has a high destructive power and is able to drill the layers of the earth one after the other and go deeper.

find valuable items

Your goal during the game is to dig and find valuable items such as precious stones. During the game, you can go to more layers of the depths of the earth, for which you must achieve the minimum prerequisites.

interesting upgrade system

The game has an interesting upgrade system through which you can upgrade your drilling rig and customize it. Cartoon graphics and colorful designs and two-dimensional modeling of the game has made this game, while a very small title, has a simple but attractive structure.