Gun Fungus Mod Apk (infinite gold) v0.5.3 Download

Gun Fungus Mod Apk (infinite gold) unlocked

Gun Fungus Mod Apk is a new Android game in the style of action and made by the talented game development studio Funday Factory with many interesting features that will make it one of the best for you! Be careful, there are some Humong mushrooms in between! But they are not truffles at all, in Gun Fungus we have armed you to the teeth. Levels slowly get harder, so get your biggest gun for future situations because everything explodes really fast! get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameGun Fungus
DeveloperFunday Factory
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateMarch 08, 2022

Features of Gun Fungus:

  • Break down rooms powerfully without wasting time!
  • Use powerups and increase your power to change the trend in your favor!
  • Find new booty and fuse it!
  • Fight powerful and new bosses in various stages and challenge yourself!

In Gun Fungus In the role of the main hero, you enter a strange but extremely dangerous battlefield. Although no specific story is told during the game and also the creator did not give a specific explanation about the story part of the game, but in short it should be said that the story is about an army of poisonous fungi called Fungus that is destroying the land. Are different. These fungi are advancing to more lands, and wherever they go, they start sabotaging and leveling that place with soil.

Now you, as a hero, have decided to destroy these mushrooms before they reach your land and destroy it, and stop this all-out invasion. To do this, pick up your weapon and go to battle with these mushrooms. It is better not to underestimate these creatures! They have many capabilities such as firing poison arrows at you. So it is better to prepare yourself for a breathtaking and exciting battle. The game is designed from the front view and exactly according to the popular and classic style of platformer, in which you can run around and jump on different platforms and destroy the enemies by shooting around.